I worked, worked and worked

work, work, workFinally, our website is live! It is my baby, and I will not hear anything bad about it. It was both a painful conception followed by an equally painful birth.

They were three other talented people without whom this project would not have been possible and of such a high standard. They were the key to the project. I will work with them again. It goes to show any good piece of creative work involves more than one person. Continue reading “I worked, worked and worked”

Go on blog!

blogging_quoteI started blogging on Accounting Web in 2011. Supportive words from John Stokdyk on my FIRST BLOG POST open the doors to the world of blogging for me. Leaving the past where it belongs, thank you John. Credit to you.

I love to blog. It helps me to think, come up with solutions and pose questions that I need to reflect upon. I have no doubt blogging has helped my business and helped me to develop as a person. I wish I started blogging when I was in my twenties. Continue reading “Go on blog!”

Do you trust a practice management guru?

guruSince entering the accountancy practice world, I have thought a lot about what makes some people able to speak with authority and give advice on effective practice management. 

If you are practicing accountant I have no doubt you know some practice management gurus. What is it that qualifies them for that role? Who makes a judgement that they are gurus of  practice management?

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My Sunday ramblings – Offer rejected

simplicityI was mentioned on Accounting Web.  Come on people, I am a banned (exiled) member. Hush-hush! Don’t mention me. I am a very naughty boy.

For the broad minded here is the meaning of flirting “behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions”.  

Some of the comments about me on Accounting Web had me in stitches. Even though they were meant as put downs.

So how was my week?

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