My Week: Sleepless in London

crappy dayHola folks. I hope in 2017 they will be a My Week post where I will say I had a great week. NOT today.

It was a stressful week with sleepness nights in gorgeous London summer. As you know, the lack of sleep leads to even more stress. I think I can put this week down as the worst one in 2017 to date. More

My Week: Time Machine

my new bikeGuten Tag folks. It was a tough week on both fronts, client work and FT Tower works.

Project Manager

Over the week I questioned myself whether the PM is the right person and whether he is value for money for FT Practice Ltd. His role is two-fold. Design/plan the layout of FT Tower and manage the implementation at the best possible price. He has failed on the second aspect of his brief. More

My Week: The Why

Dandelion clock in morning sun

Bonjour folks. It was a hellish week. It got too much for me. My stress was over selecting a contractor to do the work in FT Tower.

The project manager whose role it was to provide me with three quotations, only got me one- his choice. I suspect, he would get a cut from his chosen contractor.  More

My Week: 10 May 2017

successA warm Namaste folks. It was a historic week in the life of FT Practice Ltd.

As if you need reminding, there was also over hyped Accountex over the week. There was no way to stop getting emails that mentioned the occasion. Sift went into overdrive. New content = more revenues! And why not.

For me, it is a less than noteworthy sales conference. I am so glad it is over – until the hype next year. More

My Week: Street Numbering

offerIt is a plain old English Hello today folks. Also, a boring blog post since I am exhausted and not in a good mood.

I am still busy with the purchase of FT Tower. The neighbour is a not an easy person. To bore you a little; this is what I am trying to sort out. More

My Week: Sign here xx

grass background

Ni Hao folks, a really tough week. There was the usual day to day stuff, trying to keep those emotions in control and there was also addressing the needs of various stakeholders towards the final stages of acquiring those keys to FT Tower. More

My Week: FT Tower

hit rateBonsoir folks, it was an incredibly busy week. I am left feeling there was such a lot to do, but I did not achieve that much. It is not a good feeling. I am following the trend of Royals talking about emotions!

My week was stressful because I had to deal with aspects that I had no control over. As I have mentioned before, it is the lack of control that leads to stress. More

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