My Week: Knowledge and Skills

inner-peaceHello folks. What a start to 2018! On the one end, we have the orange nightmare, who shockingly is the leader of the free world and the other we have a dictator of North Korea having twitter fights about the size of their nuclear buttons. Mine is bigger than yours!

With the two mentally deranged people with their deadly buttons, I do not think we are safe. We badly need  1960s counterculture – make love, not war. Better still, the 71-year-old baby in the White House to be declared unfit for the office of the President.  Continue reading “My Week: Knowledge and Skills”

My Week: Studying CTA 


Hello folks. At this time of the year, I took in the great atmosphere on my walking commute to the office over the week.

People are in a good mood. Please nature DON’T ruin it with a disaster. The atmosphere is very different to depressing January that is to come! I am looking forward to the break.

On matters Trump, the more I learn about this billionaire moron, the less I understand how this prat become POTUS. Just watch THIS  The orange nightmare loves to be praised to the extent that those around him use it as a technique to get him on their side. Can you believe it, he is the leader of the free world! Whether it is a result of Russia’s interference remains to be seen.  I think it is.

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My Week: Busy Fool

Business PlanHello folks.  I failed to stop myself from indulging in YouTube/Trump.

Thanks to a box set of  The West Wing complete series – Presidential edition of course and YouTube,  I am better-informed and also gripped on American politics as compared to UK politics. I cannot see a sex scandal brewing when it comes to our PM. That would get me interested! PM has enough on her plate with trying to work out a deal on Brexit.   Continue reading “My Week: Busy Fool”

My Week: Best Mix

DecorationsHello folks.  Over the week, I gorged on CNN and MSNBC YouTube on Trump’s Russia scandal and sex scandals of senior politicians in the USA. I am gripped. I cannot wait for full disclosure of POTUS financial affairs. They will cross Trump’s red line.

For the past couple of months, I have also been watching White House Press Briefings. Sarah Sanders is an entertaining view. Trump’s claim of fake news is only because of his dislike of checks and balances role that the press play.
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My Week: Right Wall

successHello folks. Once again Trump kept me entertained. I think this week was his best worst act. As you know, POTUS retweeted videos about Muslims attacking non-Muslims without verifying the facts or the source of the videos. Well done PM for making it clear that it was wrong of POTUS.

Unlike Ms. Markle, my thoughts were about survival as a small practice owner. Is it all worth it? Can I do something better? Is there anything better? Over the last ten years was my ladder leaning against the right wall?
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