My Year: 2018 (1 of 2)

Hello folks. I think you know by now that it is the time of the year when I reflect on how my year has gone.

My last My Week post on 23 August 2018. I will try and recall what happened between September to today in the next blog.

This is the first of two My Year blogs. The second blog will have an autobiographical bent. Please allow for a list of events approach in this blog. Continue reading “My Year: 2018 (1 of 2)”

My Week: Office Frontage

cropped-urban-cycling.jpgHello folks. I am pleased with the change in the weather. We needed the rain and it was good that temperature lowered. The days are getting shorter. I will miss the long days.

Glass Frontage

I have decided to go for air conditioners for the office. It will mean the current glass frontage will be changed and replaced with a glass frontage that has a short height wall to allow for air conditioning outlet.  Continue reading “My Week: Office Frontage”

My Week: Client Loss

crappy dayHello folks. Finally, we got much-needed rain over the week. Summer then resumed as in past weeks. It is the ideal weather.

Due to School holidays combined with a fantastic summer, my bicycle commute remains a relaxing and refreshing experience.

I hope you know by now, My Week is NOT about how great and what a success I am. As a result, for you to follow my advice.

My Week is about the reality of my small practice world. Please read today’s My Week in that light.

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