My Week: Accountant’s Shop

successHola folks. It was a week where Londoners packed their suitcases and decided to desert the great city for their annual pilgrimage to worship the sun.

By now, you know the weird me. I tend to buck the trend in virtually every area of life. Marriage, children and even being an accountant. I am NOT normal folks. It is not easy being me. Let’s move on from my biographical narrative. Continue reading “My Week: Accountant’s Shop”

My Week: Shopkeeper

solutionGuten Tag folks. It was a week from hell. It can only get better from here.

As you may know, last weekend was the MOVE week into a retail unit. It started on Saturday morning at 5 am, and I finished everything on Sunday evening about 11:30 pm ish. At about 1 am, at home, I thought I left the shop door open. At about 1:30 am I got on my bike to check the shop door. It was locked. Stress messes up your thinking. Continue reading “My Week: Shopkeeper”

My Week: The Business Card

weight journalSalaam folks. The sun was at its best over the week. It gave me an opportunity to buy ice creams to share with Q. Once again, the bicycle ride to the office on beautiful summer mornings was enjoyable and relaxing.

The heat made some nights difficult to sleep. Still, I love the summer in my locality. Not that, I am part of the social scene. I am just a boring so and so folks. Continue reading “My Week: The Business Card”