My Week: Study Day

hit rateHello folks. Time flies. We are already over halfway before the end of the month. When I sit down and draft My Week, I always ask myself what have I achieved this week. The response is always just not enough.

On the work front, I am caught up in the day to day. The downside of working on maintenance/survival tasks will mean that I will not move forward. I will stay where I am.  Continue reading “My Week: Study Day”

My Week: HELLO February!

My MonthHello folks. Finally, the tax returns season is over. I think, it is for the best to accept the fact dealing with human nature, as it is,  in our line of business goes with the territory.

A positive aspect of the cold and grey month one is it is a good time for cash inflow. On that note, may January continue and my heartful thanks to HMRC for putting the fear of God in taxpayers making them contact accountants like me. Continue reading “My Week: HELLO February!”