Mindset on Risks

MindsetIt is 1 June today! Why the hell is time going so fast! I am getting older each day; I want to freeze time or better still, reverse my ageing process. I have just started my new career. It will be over soon!

I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks. Shop front is still on the agenda. It is in progress. It is such a nerve wrecking experience. It is a big financial outlay. It is a risky venture, specifically for accountants on whom prudence was drummed in. Continue reading “Mindset on Risks”

What keeps you awake?

Keeping me awakeWhether you are in a job or have your own business, they are bound to be aspects of your work that keep you awake at the most inappropriate times. Mine is tonight. It has passed 1am now.

The key area that affects us are people in our day-to-day dealings. We need each other. At the same time, we are a competitive and selfish lot. Of course, we like to give an impression that we are the best person around!

One area that has bugged me for some time now is the amount of productive hours that are lost by staff on their smart phones and using the net. It is a problem most businesses face. Continue reading “What keeps you awake?”

My Contacts List

Contacts ListI know the success of my business is so much dependent on the quality and the size of my contacts list. It reflects whom I know and call for help when I need them. Of course in return I would do the same.

There is also helping others (referrals) in my contacts list by connecting people. They in turn are more likely to give me referrals.

Here is the thing, I know all this and yet my contacts list is poor in size and quality. This is because I no longer do networking.

Networking is vital. It is the face to face contact in the internet age that is important. I am sure you know people, as I do, who have got far in business. One of the key ingredients in this was/is the quality of their relationships with others. Continue reading “My Contacts List”

Annette Ferguson – The Super Accountant

The Supper Accountant

I read today’s blog by Suzanne Fordham on Accounting Web. The blog is about Annette Ferguson – The Super Accountant.

I thought it was an okay blog. Nothing that I have not read or heard before. The bit that always gets to me is when accountants talk about how they differentiate themselves. I would not call the list of how Annette differentiates her practice differentiation. It is just an efficient way of working.

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Not now please

successIt is always at the most inappropriate times that what I really want comes up. There is so much going both on the work front and my personal life front that I wish this opportunity (?) could have waited for a few more months.

I had an email from the landlord of a shop front asking if I was interested in his shop. The way things are I am not sure.  I viewed the shop about a year ago and the landlord would not drop his rent. So I moved on.

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