My Week: Technical Competence

yes-no-maybeHello folks. I would not say it was a good week. The work, I planned to do, did not get done due to some pressing client needs. Also, in the fantastic summer that we are having, the productivity slumps in the afternoon.

FT store gets very warm from 3 pm due to the sun shining through the all-glass frontage. We have a massive blind, that helps, but it is not enough.  Continue reading “My Week: Technical Competence”

My Week: Client Selection

cyclist You really countHello folks. I think we have a fantastic summer. I am trying to make the most of it, but at times, work takes priority over enjoying the sunshine.

Client Recruitment 

Over the past few months, now that I have an okay client base, I have been selective about clients we take on. As a result, I have lost business that I would have otherwise gained.

New clients need to be lucrative. Through hard experience, I have learnt to weed out the ones I do not think are the right fit. I am not perfect at it, some good ones may have slipped through the net.  Continue reading “My Week: Client Selection”

My Week: Summer Time

inner-peaceHello folks. I do not have any particular message or objective in today’s My Week besides the need to write that is not client or CTA studies related.

I love this time of the year, and I love my local area. There is something about summer. This summer, for some reason, is unique for me.

I appreciate the greenery around me and my bicycle commute in the early summer mornings is heaven. If only, we would take serious measures not to destroy our beautiful planet.  No, that will not happen. We are an instant gratification society.  The vast majority of us just do not care as long as our immediate needs are met.  Continue reading “My Week: Summer Time”