My Week: Office Frontage

cropped-urban-cycling.jpgHello folks. I am pleased with the change in the weather. We needed the rain and it was good that temperature lowered. The days are getting shorter. I will miss the long days.

Glass Frontage

I have decided to go for air conditioners for the office. It will mean the current glass frontage will be changed and replaced with a glass frontage that has a short height wall to allow for air conditioning outlet.  Continue reading “My Week: Office Frontage”

My Week: Client Loss

crappy dayHello folks. Finally, we got much-needed rain over the week. Summer then resumed as in past weeks. It is the ideal weather.

Due to School holidays combined with a fantastic summer, my bicycle commute remains a relaxing and refreshing experience.

I hope you know by now, My Week is NOT about how great and what a success I am. As a result, for you to follow my advice.

My Week is about the reality of my small practice world. Please read today’s My Week in that light.

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My Week: CTA results and my role

CIOTHello folks. It was CTA exams results week. The dreaded email arrived on Wednesday morning with the result I was expecting – fail. As I have mentioned before, I did not have the time to cover the material.


I sat the examination mainly for the experience, after many years of not sitting any exams. The experience proved to be valuable.

I was a little surprised that the way the exams are taken has not changed after so many years. It is getting the maximum number of people in a hall with desks that are just too small. Advancement in technology has not resulted in advancement in this area. The current system appears to work.  Continue reading “My Week: CTA results and my role”