My Week: Hands Off

yes-no-maybeHallo folks. It was the launch of the iPhones week in true Apple style. It was the iPhone 8 and iPhone 10. Also known as iPhone X. Being Apple, X is not the letter but the number in Roman numerals.

I watched the full launch where Apple’s top executives were talking about their desirable products as if they are giving them away. No no no. They come with a premium price tag. No doubt they will sell well. I will be one of their customers! Continue reading “My Week: Hands Off”

My Week: 5:00 AM Alarm

working from homeSalaam folks. We had some sunny days over the week. The bicycle commute on beautiful sunny mornings, minus the school run traffic, was a real pleasure. Sadly, we are approaching the autumn season plus school run traffic back on the roads. Not long before the masses are asses are off again for the Christmas break. Best I distract myself from unpleasant thoughts about what is to come. Continue reading “My Week: 5:00 AM Alarm”

My Week: Staffing

What is IR35 How does it workA warm Namaste folks. For a change, I am drafting today’s My Week from the shiny new FT Store. As you know, it is the new home of FT Practice Ltd.

Please let me be ever so British and talk about the weather. We had some cloudy days over the week. I think it is nature’s way of preparing us for winter. The bicycle commute to the FT Store was mixed. Rain on some days made the commute and other road users unpleasant. It will take a lot more than this to hang up my saddle. Continue reading “My Week: Staffing”