My Week: Study Day

hit rateHello folks. Time flies. We are already over halfway before the end of the month. When I sit down and draft My Week, I always ask myself what have I achieved this week. The response is always just not enough.

On the work front, I am caught up in the day to day. The downside of working on maintenance/survival tasks will mean that I will not move forward. I will stay where I am.  Continue reading “My Week: Study Day”

My Week: HELLO February!

My MonthHello folks. Finally, the tax returns season is over. I think, it is for the best to accept the fact dealing with human nature, as it is,  in our line of business goes with the territory.

A positive aspect of the cold and grey month one is it is a good time for cash inflow. On that note, may January continue and my heartful thanks to HMRC for putting the fear of God in taxpayers making them contact accountants like me. Continue reading “My Week: HELLO February!”

My Week: Open All Hours

directionHello folks. We do not have long to go before depressing January is over. It seems January and clients being difficult will never end.

I continue to walk to the office. I get a good eight mile walk a day. It is good for my physical and mental health. More recently, I walk six to eight miles on weekend days as well. Talking of health, POTUS got a clean bill of health over the week. There is so much I could say about him. Time does not allow me to go further.  Continue reading “My Week: Open All Hours”

My Week: Tax Legislation

Hello folks. It is a late edition of My Week. It was a hectic and an exhausting week. Trump news kept me entertained.

The orange nightmare gave credibility to Micheal Wolff’s damning book – Fire and Fury, by trying to ban it. His tweet staying he is “like, really smart”, is a good reflection of how smart he is.

You do not need to have superior thinking skills to realise that any attempt to stop the publication of a book by the POTUS will give it a global exposure. Making it an instant bestseller without any efforts by the publishers. Michael Wolff has thanked the 71-year-old instant gratification child. I will get the audiobook.

Continue reading “My Week: Tax Legislation”