My Week: Staffing

What is IR35 How does it workA warm Namaste folks. For a change, I am drafting today’s My Week from the shiny new FT Store. As you know, it is the new home of FT Practice Ltd.

Please let me be ever so British and talk about the weather. We had some cloudy days over the week. I think it is nature’s way of preparing us for winter. The bicycle commute to the FT Store was mixed. Rain on some days made the commute and other road users unpleasant. It will take a lot more than this to hang up my saddle. More

My Week: Core Business

Business PlanNi Hao folks. Our beautiful summer is fading away. Within a few weeks, our days will be significantly shorter. Summer madness will be followed by what is even worse – Christmas madness.

In Europe, life appears to be one long holiday. “Move away; I have worked hard, I deserve/need my holiday!” Holidays are seen as a right and not a privilege. More

My Week: Accountant’s Shop

successHola folks. It was a week where Londoners packed their suitcases and decided to desert the great city for their annual pilgrimage to worship the sun.

By now, you know the weird me. I tend to buck the trend in virtually every area of life. Marriage, children and even being an accountant. I am NOT normal folks. It is not easy being me. Let’s move on from my biographical narrative. More

My Week: Shopkeeper

solutionGuten Tag folks. It was a week from hell. It can only get better from here.

As you may know, last weekend was the MOVE week into a retail unit. It started on Saturday morning at 5 am, and I finished everything on Sunday evening about 11:30 pm ish. At about 1 am, at home, I thought I left the shop door open. At about 1:30 am I got on my bike to check the shop door. It was locked. Stress messes up your thinking. More

My Week: The Move

wpid-wp-1421367198749.jpegCiao folks. It was the last week of FT Practice Ltd operating from a serviced office. It was a stressful week.

I need to get an early night. I have explained the reason below. It is quick My Week posting. My mind, unusually, is not so much on drafting a My Week post today. It is on making sure everything goes well over the weekend, and we are ready for Monday.   More

My Week: Wimbledon

Bonjour folks. Please allow for more content, than normal, not relating to small practice matters. My fingers just type whatever I feel I need to get out of my system. Life is more than accounting, tax and running a small practice. Further, My Week blogs are my observations and key events of my week. More


weight-lossNǐ hǎo folks. I am very tired. Today’s My Week is not exactly a page turner.

I did not have a good week. It was full of disappointments and frustrations. Unfortunately, life does NOT resemble the world of Disney, where I am the good looking tall (damn nature!) prince who saves the world and end up with an over the top beautiful girl. More

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