My Week: Time to Retire

crappy dayHello folks.  You may know from Google Doodle, it was the week of the 131st anniversary of the hole puncher.  It used to be an essential office tool to file papers. Digitisation has meant it has been years since I have used or thought about the humble hole puncher.

In my first job as a filing clerk, at the age of 17, the paper hole punching machine used to be my essential everyday office tool. As a part-time student, I had it in my bag most times. It was “borrowed” from my employer, to neatly file away class notes.   Continue reading “My Week: Time to Retire”

My Week: New Engine

My MonthNi hao folks. It was a great week for Apple. Its flagship iPhone X sold out within 10 minutes of being made available for pre-order. Remember, the starting price tag is £999! We love function combined with beauty.

Moving on to matters directly related to yours truly. Not a blog worthy week, it is a meh My Week. At the same time, valuable work was done on the new engine of the practice. It is still WIP.  Continue reading “My Week: New Engine”

My Week: PM Software

Analyzing business chart on laptop

Ciao folks. It was Xero UK week. It is the time of year when Xero gods do their magic. This year it was NOT magic but a true miracle. It is impressive.

Hats off to you Xero UK  for getting 2000 Xero sheep NOT only to give up their valuable time BUT also pay for the privilege to attend that in all reality is a SALES conference. Damn it Xero that is beautiful. I am in admiration (honestly).  Continue reading “My Week: PM Software”